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Cultivating Compassion

Cultivate Compassion February is one of the best times to develop compassion towards oneself. Failed New Year’s Resolutions mind talk anyone? Most of us have inner critics that love to feed on the barrage of things media tells us we should be doing this time of year (insert here; finding love, losing weight, removing wrinkles, getting a better job, self actualising or all of the above). Once we learn to practice a little more self compassion we are much better placed to cultivate compassion towards others. It’s this interconnectedness to others through the lens of a nurtured self that can truly shift your vibrational frequency upwards. A few suggestions to help you along the way: Rest – with

Sound - What is it?

Sound Everything has a frequency, a rate at which it vibrates. We too are vibrational beings and as our cells experience dialogue with specific sounds, tones or frequencies an interconnectedness with our true resonance and the world around us can unfold. This higher state of consciousness and interconnectedness helps us to see the truth of how things are, the nature of reality, gives us body based wisdom and shapes how we then perceive the world. This Amethyst Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl has detoxing properties How can sound benefit us? We live in a world with many separating factors, beliefs and ego states. Sound has the ability to help us reconnect. Sound slows our brainwaves down, allowi

Daybreak Digital Detox

Daybreak… I can hear the alarm, it’s not the first time it has woke me this morning. I set the alarm to play Addicted to Love, the Florence and the Machine cover. I liked it, or used to. Now the first few lines are like quick fire ammunition for around an hour. My dreams, my lovely crazy dreams, what were they again? I decide I have to get into the day. To my phone. 7.35 am And. Time. Late. Shame. Phone. Notification. Notification. Notification. Notification. Notification. Notification. Notification. Notification. Notification. Notification. Whats App. Whats App. Whats App. Whats App. Whats App. Whats App. Ping. Email. Ping. Email. Ping. Email. Switch email accounts. Ping. Email. Ping. Email

New Bowl Love

A new A note Alchemy Crystal Bowl has joined the set and she is a beauty. Made of a base of quartz crystal and Amethyst she has a fabulous deep, strong yet gentle sound. The A note works with the Third Eye or intuition and the Amethyst crystal also works with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Having played with them today for a few hours I've learnt a little of the textures of the waves the whole set create together and I'm enjoying them. Looking forward to sharing more of them with people soon.

New Sound Bath Residency Incoming...

Really delighted to be holding a weekly residency in Margate at Union, a new purpose built space, in The Old Print Works. Lovingly curated by Amie, an absolute gem of a human being, the timetable looks great. I know she has plans to grow this even more and I think it will be interesting to see how this space grows organically once everybody's energy and work fills the building. The sessions with sound on a Thursday evening will be group sound bath held in candlelight. My strong intention is for it to be a safe space to relax and experience sound in. A space to switch off where people have nothing to do. I am looking forward to sharing the sounds that will unfold in the twinkle of the candle

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