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What I Know About Letting Go...

Here is what I know about letting go..…. …which should be titled I have learn't an awful lot about holding on. I would say at least a good 80% percent of new client consultations include the phrase ‘I want to let go of…’ And boy do I understand that well. I spent years trying to let go of an awful lot. But you see this phrase itself is an act of heroic holding on. So what do I mean by that? Well at its essence, in the very origin of its existence is the belief that it is an object being held. Let that sink in……. And not only held but prized so much that is being held up to ceremonially ‘let go of’. And the mind believes it is an activity it has control of when rally the body knows this best.

Nervous System Health Beyond Lockdown Hump Day

I heard last week that we were in the ‘hump day’ period of this pandemic...what a dreadful image that conjures up. That said we’ve still got some time to go and the latest guidelines may bring up a lot of confusion and mixed sensations. So I offer some gentle reflections and thoughts for you to help get us over the ‘hump’ and beyond. First of all if you are reading this you are likely experiencing some degree of a trauma response to the current pandemic. To give perspective to that this means that our biological survival mechanisms and nervous systems are being switched on. These are, in the main, fight, flight or freeze responses. When the nervous system is put into overwhelm then this is

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