January 15, 2019

The power of the voice has been understood for years by many societies, from Tibet to Mongolia and more recently some American medical professionals, to have far reaching benefits in healing and transformation. Everything is frequency and with intention, time and pract...

January 31, 2018

Cultivate Compassion

February is one of the best times to develop compassion towards oneself. Failed New Year’s Resolutions mind talk anyone?

Most of us have inner critics that love to feed on the barrage of things media tells us we should be doing this time of year (ins...

January 31, 2018


Everything has a frequency, a rate at which it vibrates. We too are vibrational beings and as our cells experience dialogue with specific sounds, tones or frequencies an interconnectedness with our true resonance and the world around us can unfold.

This higher stat...

January 19, 2018

A new A note Alchemy Crystal Bowl has joined the set and she is a beauty. Made of a base of quartz crystal and Amethyst she has a fabulous deep, strong yet gentle sound.

The A note works with the Third Eye or intuition and the Amethyst crystal also works with the Third...

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January 15, 2019

July 24, 2018

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