What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic comes from the greek word 'soma' meaning of the body. Somatic therapy works on the basis that much of our trauma and conditioning is held in the body (if you have read The Body Keeps The Score you'll be familiar with much of the research tat underpins this). 


Focalizing is a somatic healing technology that enables participants to completely reinvent their lives by resolving the barriers that prevent them from experiencing their fullest potential of well-being and joy. These barriers can be in the form of conditioned thinking, traumatic experiences, stress, depression, sexual and intimacy barriers and more. Once these blocks have been brought to resolution, Focalizing takes on the form of a creative tool that supports participants to access levels of awareness that allow them to act and make decisions that are deeply informed by their body and whole being.

Michael Picucci put this work together through his years of experience as a Psychotherapist, Sexologist, Master Addictions Coach and Somatic Experiencing Facilitator. It also uses elements of Vipassana Meditation, Healing Imagery, Family Constellations and his life experience in this field.

Lineage and science aside, to me, this makes total sense in the full 'somatic' way. It can't not make sense because it is merely bringing you back home through gentle listening to the body. It is a privilege to share this work.

What happens in a Session?

From the outside it looks very much like a guided meditation. We start with intention and work to drop you into your body to guide the rest of the session. We are dealing with, primarily, your body and the part of the brain - the brain stem - that talks to the nervous system. It transcends talking therapy but you may be asked to report back about the sensations that arise to best guide the session. Just one session can have a profound impact but I recommend a commitment of at least three.. I offer a free telephone consultation with this work. 

Somatic Therapy as a Creative Tool

Liberation from our barriers provides a launching point for a completely new way of interacting with life. When people are no longer held back by the heaviness of their past story, they're free to write a new one that's in alignment with who they are and who they want to become.

The states of awareness that Focalizing enables have been used to reinvent businesses, create music, invigorate relationships, and fundamentally change how people identify and reach their potential.

It's for this reason that Focalizing is more than a healing modality. Encoded in the process is an entirely new lens to view and move through the world.

Your Commitment

Somatic work deeply invites us into all corners of ourselves and also works on a principle of 'The Slow Way is the Fast Way'. For this reason I ask that you make a commitment to at least 6 sessions. To new clients I do not work with anyone for less than this. You don't need to invest in all sessions up front unless you want to but this is the commitment to yourself that I know through years of experience in private practice is the minimum required.

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