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Hello and welcome, my name is Jo

I am here to help you tune in. 

To live as life, not in life as something separate or adjacent to you, is your birth right and freedom. Often we feel 'stuck' or out of sync and don't know why. I am here to help you become unstuck and move freely as life again by tuning in. I’m devoted to this – pure and simple.


I believe listening is key to tuning in and returning home to who we are.

Listening to the body, to nature, to life itself is where flow begins. Often the journey of getting there is to move beyond trauma and conditioned thinking. This is path of sustained healing and spiritual growth - the path of the warrior spirit.


Without fail the services you find here can support conditions such as anxiety, stress, insomnia and more. This is often part of the journey. We start where you are.


The services I offer to do this are Sound, Deep Listening, Somatic Therapy, Shadow Work and Embodiment Facilitation.

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How we will work together


You’ve lived – However you show up you’ll be welcome. The wholeness of you will be seen with no judgement. 


Trust – I’ve lived too and enough to know that trust goes beyond the realms of confidentiality. It’s that and more, you’ll sense it when you have it.


Humanist Approach – To me this means we enter this as equals. No more, no less. 

Listening - Listening, listening and listening again. Everything we do will be a tender act of listening.


Laughter – It’s often key to our journey together. And becoming us as life throws up some tender moments of humour along the way. Thankfully!


Sound Bathing and Sound Therapy

Soothing sound journeys with Alchemy Crystal Bowls and a custom made Healing Harp. Group and one to one work.

What People Say.....

'Working with Jo has  been incredible, fascinating and deeply healing. Jo holds a profoundly safe space for you to explore and receive the sound on a cellular level.'

'Thank you for a fantastic session. I found the session incredibly deep and was blown away by your skill in holding space and bringing me out of my resistance and into clarity.'

‘Working with Jo has been a wonderful nurturing experience. I am more connected to my body and my feelings instead of rushing through my life being busy. The shifts in my thinking/feeling have been subtle session-by-session but over time I can see I am making better choices and living in a more authentically me-way'

'It was a truly beautiful hour and I felt i didn't want it to end. I slept so well and I haven't slept like that in a very, very long time.'



For more information about Solasta Sounds - our program, activities or to collaborate please do drop us a line!